Photo of a woman grown into the floor puzzledReddit users

The user of the famous entertainment resource “Reddit”
Under the pseudonym bbiasi published in the section of the site dedicated to
inexplicable phenomena, a very mysterious shot, instantly
attracted the attention of other portal regulars.

This image was indeed inexplicable because
no one has yet managed to determine what nature is imprinted on
anomaly frame. Commentators put forward their own versions,
supernatural and not very, but can not give an exact answer.
Here is what a surprised girl writes about her find:

I, my mom and sister went to rest recently in
Thailand. We stayed at the Pingviman Hotel in Chiang Mai. Somehow
in the morning my sister took a picture of me and mom in the lobby. None of us
noticed nothing out of the ordinary in this picture, as in the surrounding us
reality while shooting until we returned home and I
I did not decide to frame the photo. Printing it out, I unexpectedly
I saw a strange woman in the background. She seemed to have grown into the floor.
on her knees or had no legs, but still somehow stood on the floor.
She reminded me of glitches from video games when a character falls into
textures. But how is this possible in real life? Sister did
snapshot smartphone “Google Nexus”. We do not remember that during
shooting someone else was with us in the lobby

Some users of “Reddit”, having studied the presented frame,
felt that a real ghost had fallen into him. According to
others, it is a malfunction in the camera of the smartphone. Third
convinced that the phone has nothing to do with it, and actually happened
a problem with the work of the so-called “Matrix”, in which we all
we live. Finally, the fourth suggests that the mysterious woman
just knelt, but why did she do it in the lobby
hotel, difficult to say. And how in this case remained
undetected, even more mysterious? Anyway, amazing
image continues to collect a lot of comments from
The regulars of the World Wide Web.

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