Photo of the “mermaid” in 1865 caused newquestions

Many are convinced that the old American “freak show”
once showed the mummy of a real mermaid, and not one
the skeptic or materialist has failed to disprove her authenticity
since then

Unfortunately, the exhibit was destroyed during a major fire.
The man who possessed such a valuable specimen was called Phineas.
Taylor Barnum (1810-1891). He was the largest American figure.
19th century show business, successful businessman and beginner
a politician.

Barnum was one of the pioneers of circus art,
showcased various human abnormalities and
anomalies, as well as other wonders. Performances organized by this
showman, had tremendous popularity around the world.
The presented photograph of the alleged mermaid was taken in
1865 and served as a promotional material for the “show of freaks.”
It was alleged that it was the corpse of a real mermaid caught in
Indian Ocean.

Alas, the amazing mummy did not long amaze the onlookers. 13
July 5, 1865 in New York, the building was set on fire.
the circus and most of the exhibits were destroyed by fire. Cause
the fire is still shrouded in mystery.

  • Some say that Barnum was not at all successful, and therefore set fire
    own property for the purpose of insurance fraud.
  • Others claim that the circus was set on fire by competitors, envious or
    hypocrites, outraged by such shows.
  • According to third, the businessman was angry at the spirits of people
    animals and strange creatures whose corpses are barbaric
    demonstrated to the public.

The remains of the mysterious mermaid are still the subject
conversations of curious and cryptozoologists. A lot of people even
believe that the unique mummy has certainly survived, and its just somewhere
securely hid. Say, when the corpse will find and conduct an examination
his DNA is coming an unprecedented sensation. Perhaps science is finally
recognizes the existence of mermaids.

Scientists (especially independent ones) still don’t really deny this
fact, since most of the Earth is known to be covered by water, and
science still does not know what might be hiding in the depths of the World
the ocean. It is enough to recall the succulent fish that are long
time were considered extinct or even mythical, but nowadays
Oceanologists have proven that they are still found in marine

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