Photo recovered with alien removed fromInternet security services

Many people will burst out laughing if you tell them that
Internet can delete any image. Like if
more or less interesting material hit the World Wide Web, he
sure to stay here forever and ever
replicated by regular users.

This is evidenced by the experience of many western celebrities who
tried to withdraw from the Network any compromising photos of them, but
instead pushed users to even more
distribution of naughty pictures.

However, what happened recently in anonymous English
web forum “4chan”, made regulars virtual
spaces to doubt that anyone placed on the Internet
The picture can stay here forever.

Mysterious story with a photo that captures
reptile alien

Unknown user uploaded to the forum high-quality
a photograph of a representative of an extraterrestrial reptilian civilization,
standing somewhere in the savannah. The signature indicated that the alien
was photographed not far from the American Air Force
base “Luke” in Arizona.

The frame with the alien seemed to the site’s audience to the utmost
realistic. However, less than two minutes, as a resource suddenly
stopped working. A few hours later he recovered, however
users were surprised to notice that the theme with the image
reptiloid disappeared, as if no one had created it. Messages
commentators who began to ask where the mysterious
post, instantly blocked.

One of the users of “4chan”, fortunately, managed for those few minutes
download the snapshot but found the file on your hard drive strongly
damaged. Unknown spent a lot of time to at least
somehow restore the image. As a result, there are photos
significant interference and distortion, but the alien figure is all
You can also see the left side of the picture.

Intelligence agencies are able to “climb” even into your computer

Web users are still looking for the original image,
however, so far their attempts have been unsuccessful. It is assumed that
a daredevil took possession of a top-secret snapshot (or some miracle
made it myself) and posted a photo to the World Wide Web to bring
before the world community the truth, but the American intelligence services
the file was promptly removed from the Network and probably already removed (or
intimidated) by the author of the original publication. As you can understand, found
they are traces of a compromising image of them even on the hard disk
personal computer (draw conclusions, gentlemen).

Of course, the recovered file is now spread throughout the web.
Internet, however, it does not represent any
danger: to prove that the reptiloid is in fact imprinted on it,
quite difficult. However, for conspiracy therapists, ufologists and this is the real
find By and large, it is these “leftovers” to them (in general
the general public) and always get it enough
remember about this information, which becomes public
from Mars, from the Moon and other space objects. Not information, but
tears …

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