Photographed a man with strangeeyes

A mysterious snapshot appeared on the Internet, which made
the regulars of the World Wide Web are scratching in bewilderment of the head and
put forward various mystical theories.

User under the pseudonym ColonelCrunch33 published
photo taken some time ago by his good friend.
It is reported that the image was taken at night near
War of Independence United States Hospital in Pennsylvania.

This frame, at first glance, shows only the facade of the old
hospitals with an entrance door and a window on the second floor. However,
at the bottom of the picture imprinted something unusual. More precisely, someone –
mysterious man with a beard and an old-fashioned high hat. it
strange in itself since nobody wears these days
hats, however, that really surprised commentators, so
these are human eyes that look like glowing crescents.

As you might guess, many Internet users immediately
felt that the ghost was imprinted on the photo. Individual,
who received this image, claims not to have seen during
filming anyone near you. Skeptics suggest that mysterious
crescents can be flash reflections on glasses lenses
gentleman, but this again gives rise to a completely natural
question: who in our time wears round dioptric glasses? ..

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