Photographed by a creepy ghost boy

Young tourist photographed something that resembles a terrible
a boy standing inside an abandoned hotel. The snapshot was recently
made a schoolboy who rested with his father in
the Argentinian city of La Falda, in the province of Cordoba.

According to rumors, in the former hotel “Eden”, located here,
Many people come from the other world. There are hundreds of posts.
about observations in her and near her various supernatural

The author of the submitted image claims that he did not see
shooting time anyone in the hotel window. According to the traveler,
the region has just ended a storm, and our hero went with his father
walk around the city. When tourists approached the former hotel,
the schoolboy took out a smartphone and took a picture of an “empty” building.
Returning to the hotel in the evening, he looked through the photos received during the day and
I was surprised to find in this picture a figure of a boy with a terrible
the face. Instead of the eyes of the supposed ghost, large black
hollows, and on cheeks the big spots similar to cadaver are visible.

The father of our hero sent a snapshot to a local journalist.
�”SL24″, informing them:

This photo was made by my son. He wanted to capture the facade
the hotel. Later, when he looked through his shots, he noticed this
strange figure. I would swear she wasn’t there when he
I took a photo as I stood next to him and also looked at
building. We have never seen this child with our own eyes, but he
somehow manifested in the picture. Amazing isn’t it? We were
shocked by what they found in this image. Hard to say,
what it is. My son, of course, immediately stated that he had photographed
a ghost, but I, like any adult, was forced to manifest
skepticism and look for what happened rational explanation. It’s a pity,
that I never found it.

In the first half of the 20th century, “Eden” was a luxurious resort.
a hotel where presidents and princes used to stay.
Today, there are only a couple of guards here who claim
that the building is constantly going paranormal.

Skeptics on the World Wide Web claim that the snapshot has too
low quality, and we can talk only about stains on the window
curtain, created from this angle fancy paradolicheskuyu

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