Photographed by the ghost of a woman with longhair

Representatives of the American Internet Radio Midnight in the Desert,
dedicated to supernatural phenomena, have published a snapshot of one
from their listeners. Woman living in the city of San Diego
California, claims she and her son are completely random
photographed with a guest from another world. This happened somewhat
days ago at the Whaley House history museum, where our heroine
went along with her offspring.

In the frame below you can see an American and her
son They stand near the window, behind which stands an ominous silhouette.
Он подозрительно похож на женщину с темными длинными hair,
floating in the air. No arms, no legs, she can not see – only light
robe and face-covering hair. It is interesting that about such
ghosts are ubiquitous in Japanese horror films.
Maybe someone just decided to make fun of travelers and
hung a white dress with a wig on the window? Or is it really
someone’s phantom, accidentally caught in the camera lens?

It is noteworthy that neither the mother and son, nor the photographer did not notice
then nothing out of the ordinary. And if a woman with a teenager were turned
back to the window, the person who photographed them should have
see something. Only after returning home, tourists are surprised and
frightened noticed this silhouette on one of the received in the museum
images. The incident still smacks of pure mysticism, not
is it true And this family has no doubts at all.
that met with something paranormal. That’s why mother and
son immediately shared a mysterious snapshot from the Internet radio “Midnight
in the desert “, and through it – with multiple users
Internet who is interested in this topic.

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