Photographed in California�”Stealth aircraft”

Over night freeway in the American city of Simi Valley State
California captured a strange object at the beginning of this month. is he
It looked like a translucent triangle with a faint gloss.
Motorist, who became the author of the submitted image,

That evening, my wife and I returned home and drove just in time to
Simi Valley. A large bright moon was visible above the mountain ridge. I decided
stop and take a picture of her to share pictures later
with your friends on Facebook. I made three photos in total. When I
looked through them the next morning, then suddenly noticed on the third
frame “energy triangle” in the sky. It seems to me
an aircraft, but why it looks like this, I have not the slightest

The mysterious triangle, according to an eyewitness, did not have flashing
lights, otherwise our hero would have noticed him even during
photographing. Moreover, it was not audible, although modern
airplanes, even the most super-hewed, still publish some

Many ufologists on the World Wide Web thought it was so
called “stealth aircraft” using futuristic
stealth technology, for example, the mythical, supposedly American “TR-3B
Astra. That’s just who built this amazing aerial
the device – a person or someone else – experts say is not yet
condition. The fact is that the US does not officially admit that they have
There are such futuristic aircraft. Moreover, the USA is not even
demonstrate them officially that the Pentagon is completely not
seem to be.

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