Photographed the ghost in the night Americanthe forest

Reddit social news user named
Ivan Yernikov claims that he recently photographed from
Sveta. Man posted in the section of the site dedicated to
paranormal phenomena, mysterious photograph, obtained by him in
время ночного отдыха в американском the forest Стокс-Стейт-Форест на
upstate New Jersey. According to the author of the photo, he can not find
occurring any rational explanation.

Yernikov says he took some pictures on camera
smartphone sitting with friends at the fire. None of those present
noticed then nothing unusual nearby. However, when our hero
subsequently looked through the footage received that night, he saw something
strange on one of the images.

Not far from the fire seemed tall and pale humanoid.
figure. Ivan and his friends are ready to swear that they did not observe in
the forest ничего подобного.

Some commentators believe that this is a tree silhouette. According to
others, it is a freakish bunch of smoke. However, many
regulars “Reddit” refused to believe in such a materialistic
explanations obviously far-fetched by rational skepticism
thinking. Some users viewed in a mysterious figure
dark-haired woman, dressed in a long light dress.

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