Photos of terrible leshego puzzled usersNetwork

A very curious photo with the devil, which appeared recently in
World Wide Web, riveted the attention of many users

On the one hand, the picture may not show anything.
out of the ordinary, but on the other hand, quite a few commentators
considered that this frame shows something mystical. On
photo you can contemplate something like a tree uprooted or large
snags in nature, but the shape of the object resembles a living being.
And, most interestingly, a terrible creature.

The mysterious figure in the forest suspiciously looks like a tall
horned humanoid with two lower and four upper
limbs sitting in an embrace with a tree. Alone the regulars
Of the Internet they called him hellish, others – the forest devil, and still others –
harsh keeper of greenery. Well, skeptical
users naturally stated that this is an ordinary
paradolic illusion. According to them, the human brain
instinctively takes snag in the picture for something animated.

Maybe this is true, however, as spiritual people claim, in this
the whole world is alive, not to mention the subtle essences of, say, the same
forest workers and wood-goblins whom only a few can see, and not
scared of what he saw – and very few. Refined vision of the world
explain only by paradolic illusion and some kind of malfunction
human consciousness is the greatest mistake and delusion. However,
mankind, having risen on the technogenic path of development, has lost much
from truly natural, deeper and more perfect perception
surrounding reality.

Be that as it may, almost every commentator admitted that he
probably would have turned gray or completely dead from horror, if by chance
stumbled upon such a figure in a dark night forest. Especially if
she suddenly stirred or flashed her eyes.

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