Pictures confirming that alienspresent in the entire solar system

Ufologists argue that the presence of aliens in our
The solar system can be traced almost everywhere. And if
previously, many of them thought that aliens were only interested
Earth, and all other planets they use only to create
transshipment bases, today this opinion is gradually changing.

Researchers come to understand that our understanding of
aliens, their capabilities and their interests are too limited and
based only on assumptions.

But let’s turn to the latest findings of ufologists, based on
which they draw their conclusions, including on plans and opportunities

A window in the Martian base of aliens?

On one of the latest NASA photos sent from Mars,
virtual archaeologists have discovered something on the ridge of the Faith Rubin
напоминающее окно в подземную базу aliens.

What is certainly an artificial formation, ufologists are not
doubt one jot since the alleged window has
the correct rectangular shape and in size is comparable to the large
by bus.

Of course, the researchers write, it could be the entrance to
the underworld of the Martians themselves, since there is an assumption
that civilization on the Red Planet has survived until now, just
she went deep into the planet because of some kind of global catastrophe –
whether unheard of nuclear war, or a collision with a huge

Skeptics, in turn, again turn on the “far-fetched conclusions”
ufologists, giving a very convincing argument: all the findings
online archaeologists are worth nothing until rover removes live
Martian or at least a living alien.

And why, ufologists parry, such confidence that such pictures
don’t NASA have? Who will show them to us? But indirect evidence
To this there are: several times the rover fixed a strange shadow
some humanoid who was clearly standing with a rover. And if бы
the staff of the american space agency weren’t smashed we
would these pictures have not seen – never!

Scott Waring discovered an alien ship on Phobos

If aliens are everywhere, then why shouldn’t they be
satellites of Mars. For example, the famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott
Waring, looking at old photographs sent from Mars and his
satellites, suddenly discovered on a photograph from Faubus – the ship

The snapshot of January 29, 1996 is, of course, old, but is it
something changes, says the tireless explorer of the paranormal
phenomena. Moreover, I am sure that this is a bioengineering object. we
for some reason we believe that fantastic aliens possessing
technologies that we never dreamed of, create their own flying
devices in our likeness. And they can simply grow them …

It is for this reason that on this ship, like many other UFOs,
recorded, for example, on Earth, there are no right angles and mirror
flat surfaces. But the “eyes” are perfectly visible – two
bright round light source in the center. Such unthinkable for us
Technology is not only cool, but also quite possible. Ufologist even
sure that his find pushes such a bold thought and can
be considered a serious discovery in ufology …

Alien flying machines are not afraid of lightning

The fact that UFOs constantly fly during the strongest thunderstorms, as if
recharged from lightning, proves once again the video footage of the inhabitant
Delaware, USA. An American accidentally spotted a strange object in
stormy sky and began to shoot it.

To his surprise, the alien apparatus was not only not afraid of the terrible
and numerous lightning, he seemed to attract them to himself, which is why
the video even hit a moment when one of the heavenly charges reaches

And to that – nothing, as if there was no hit. therefore
ufologists and believe that aliens can use heavenly
discharges in order to replenish the energy of their devices. And we even
We do not know how they attract lightning and how they collect them.
powerful discharges with complete safety for yourself. But the fact remains
fact – the alien lightning just adore!

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