Pipe signals from the sky about the approaching endSveta

On Monday, August 28, residents of the city of Astara in the northwest
Iran was shocked by the mysterious trumpet sounds that came from
the sky. Many devout Iranians immediately felt that it was blowing
является предзнаменованием конца Sveta.

The source of the mysterious loud noise that suddenly filled
evening city, and could not be determined. Including submitted
below is a video taken by an eyewitness to this amazing
phenomena, you can hear these ominous sounds yourself.

As mentioned above, many Astara residents have tied it.
трубение с приближающимся концом Sveta. In the holy book of Muslims
The Quran says that the angel Israfil, who is the herald of the Terrible
court, blows into a huge pipe, and then the Apocalypse begins. Similar
образом описывается начало конца Sveta и в других авраамических
religions – for example, in Christianity and Judaism.

Recall that exactly the same inexplicable trumpet sounds were heard
in recent years in dozens of countries. At the same time, scientists do not even take
to assume, not to mention clarifying, what caused the data
fantastic sound anomalies.

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