Planet Nibiru can destroy the Earth already inAugust 2018

Planet Nibiru can destroy the Earth already in August 2018

The US Geological Survey is aware of the impending apocalypse,
however, all information is highly classified so as not to cause panic.
among the population.

Many scientific researchers have stated that the so-called
Planet X Nibiru affects the slope of the Sun and has already destroyed life on
Mars and close crept to Earth at a record minimum
distance, so its gravitational field began to provoke
the emergence of natural disasters – scientists warned about
threatening humanity end of the world.

One of the former employees of the United States Geological Survey
States Ethan Trowbridge announced that Nibiru was close to our world
at a critical distance, so expect an appearance
negative effects on Earth. It’s about appearance
giant faults in the crust and volcanic eruptions that
significantly increased recently, reports Discover24.

At the same time, Trowbridge says that the Geological Survey of America
well aware of the impending apocalypse, but the whole
information is strictly classified so as not to spread panic among

In addition, some scientists are confident that what happened recently
earthquake in Japan, has a direct connection with the Planet
X. Ufologists even emphasize that the newcomers know about the coming
disaster, so in a hurry leave the Earth.

Earlier it was emphasized that scientists predicted a collision with Nibiru
в August 2018 года.

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