Planetologists are worried: the sun appearedgiant hole

A coronal hole nearly one and a half thousand globes in size suddenly
Appeared at the South Pole of Our Luminary: Pictures Published
NASA, demonstrate this anomaly, as they say, in all its

The disappearance of such a colossal amount of matter is simply
impossible if guided only by the laws of physics
which are the basis of our perception of the universe.

Therefore, orthodox scholars are at a loss: what happened?
Perhaps it is not a hole at all, but dark matter, into existence
which is far from being believed, because experimentally it
existence is simply not proven, but theoretically, according to
Orthodox, you can assume anything.

Therefore, they put forward their theory: perhaps this “failure”
simply filled with a compound of carbon and nitrogen, which at high
temperatures began to behave in unpredictable ways. In any
case, astronomers will have to conduct a thorough study in order to
reveal the reason for this mystery. They haven’t really figured out yet.
�”Dark heart” of our Luminary, which manifested itself in the beginning
October of this year, and here – on you, one more surprise …

So far, only one thing is clear: our knowledge of the Sun is far from the truth and
they need to be urgently reviewed, as, however, and much more
about the structure of the universe and the world around us.

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