Plasma of the Sun envelops the Earth: how it threatensearthlings?

The scientific world, as they say, is on the ears of what happened 6
September of this year, flares on the Sun, which no one expected and did not
predicted even in the near future, because the Sun was
inactive. And suddenly … an explosion, and even such power!

How does this threaten us, earthlings, who are reliably protected from
similar cataclysms of the strong magnetic field of the Earth? but
some experts, having studied the details of this solar burst,
came to the disappointing conclusion that September 8, that is, today,
the plasma streams of the Sun can reach our magnetosphere (with
provided they will fly perpendicular to it) and literally
�“Wrap it up” in your cocoon for two days or even more.

The best part is that plasma solar clouds that
make up an area of ​​up to one hundred million kilometers, give us unusual
auroras, and they can be observed even by residents of middle latitudes,
for example, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and
etc. Of the negative consequences, scientists call failures in
modern electronic technology and communications, as well as
negative effects of strong magnetic storms on human health.
Mortality at this time, unfortunately, will certainly increase,
especially residents of large cities, so doctors recommend in these
days to live the most healthy lifestyle, that is, do not convey, do not drink
alcohol and smoke as little as possible, in which case – by all means
refer to the “ambulance.”

Car drivers should be at this time extremely
careful on the roads, and even better – just give up on personal
vehicles and transfer to a less dangerous urban, for example,
ride the subway. Well, if there is such an opportunity, then
the best option is to go on nature and spend some kind of
time, indulging in hobbies, say, get carried away by easy work
in the garden, to recover on a “quiet” hunting or fishing. And by no means
the case these days can not sunbathe, that is, relax on the beach …

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