Plastic bag even found on the bottomMariana Trench

На днях исследователи Mariana Trench опубликовали в журнале
Marine Policy is regrettable and at the same time surprising fact – on
a plastic bag is found on the bottom of this deepest gutter
which dropped 10,994 meters – just fantatika!

As the experts say with regret, this is a fact more than
clearly illustrates to humanity the degree of pollution of the world
the ocean. By the way, the research of sea secrets over the past three
decades discovered in the deepest points of the oceans
several thousand units of unsightly garbage that produced
man, with drivers and deep-sea vehicles going down
here during this time about 5 thousand times with surprise stated,
how some garbage artifacts can even get into the sea.

Unfortunately, in recent decades most often deep-sea
the garbage is represented precisely by plastic, and in particular by polyethylene
packages that are literally at a depth of over 6000 meters
dominated even among other things plastic.

In second place is metal waste, which
accounted for about a quarter of the entire deepwater landfill. TO
the same, as scientists note, in many cases (at least 17
percent) near the marine debris “spinning” deep-sea
animals. All this causes concern that such pollution
can destroy a deep-sea ecosystem, and the consequences of this for now
are not clear to anyone …

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