Plastic found in tap water throughoutthe world

As scientists found, 83% of ordinary drinking water flowing from
The cranes of the inhabitants of our entire planet contain particles of plastic. TO
This conclusion came American researchers who spent
large-scale analysis of domestic water from all over the world.

In the United States, the degree of pollution was the highest
– here traces of polymers were found in 94.4% of water samples. Most
a low figure was found in the EU countries – 72%, that all
equals unacceptable. In Ecuador, plastic fibers are contained in 75%
tap water, in Indonesia – in 76%, in Uganda – in 81%, in India
– in 82%, in Lebanon – in 94%.

Given that in many countries it is customary to drink tap water,
one can only guess how much plastic we use so
way annually. Not everyone knows that tap water also
used in the manufacture of beer, juice, carbonated drinks,
milk and even clean drinking water sold for bottling and in
bottled (do not believe in the words of manufacturers of artesian

We are talking about tiny, less than 5 microns, pieces
plastics. TO сожалению, пока ученые не могут с точностью сказать,
where do polymers come from in the water supply and what danger do they carry
for human health. However, it is known that plastic
tends to absorb toxic chemicals from the environment,
therefore, poisoning can be much more significant than
suggest optimists.

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