�”Playground of dead children”, hidden onLargest Alabama Cemetery

Drost Park in Huntsville, Alabama, USA
perhaps the most unfortunate park in the world. it
a tiny place, informally called the “Playground of the Dead
children, “hidden in the middle of a 100-acre Maple Hill cemetery. BUT
therefore, you have guessed, even ghosts are found here.

Maple Hill Cemetery, opened in 1822, represents
крупнейший погост BUTлабамы. Despite the fact that the cemetery itself
considered an unkind place where from time to time is observed
various paranormal activity, namely “Playground
dead children “, hidden here, is a Mecca for those who wish
meet the real ghost.

Any local resident will confirm that a small children’s
the playground is populated by spirits of boys and girls playing here after
sunset No one remembers who decided to open in the middle
cemetery playground where children could frolic while
adults visit the graves of relatives.

The park grows many trees with thick crowns, bad
transmitting light even in the most sunny days. Therefore, on the site
there is always an ominous twilight that blends perfectly with
tragic history of this place. In addition, Drost is fenced with three
the sides of the cliffs, which gives it a strict isolation
from the outside world.

Where did the ghosts of children come from on the playground

A popular urban legend has it that in the forties
of the last century, abductions began to take place near the cemetery
children Unfortunately, many of the little victims failed to escape from
unknown maniac and their lifeless bodies found nearby
from the place where the now infamous park is located. The killer
never found it.

Over time, enthusiasts and thrill seekers have become
come here at night to run into anything
unknown. Eyewitnesses report that at night
The site can be seen mysterious silhouettes, as well as lights and
pale balls (so-called “orbs”) in the air. Often darkness
frequent slaps of little bare feet and children’s laughter are heard, and a swing
swing back and forth by themselves even in the absence of

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