Pluto’s fantastic mysteries

Conspiracy therapists ask themselves: why does Pluto, not even looking
what astronomers have crossed out from among the planets of our solar
systems, so attracted by the US space agency NASA,
that even the New Horizons probe was sent there? But this is huge
financial investments. The question is, what?

However, judging by the numerous shocking photographs that
were derived from Pluto, it actually deserves attention,
not only astronomers, but also supporters of intelligent life on
other planets of our SS, ufologists, finally.

For example, the first to their surprise and joy found on
Pluto is a giant “space snail”, which, apparently,
move on their home planet, not even knowing that it is already and
not a planet of the solar system, but what is unknown. The fact is that
these strange creatures remain wide traces of
the entire surface of Pluto has been wrestled. And although scientists immediately put forward
its dry and not very plausible theory of the internal nitrogen
the ocean of the planet, which during thawing leaves such traces here, this
few people convinced. Huge crawling on Pluto snail-shaped
monsters seem much more attractive to independent

However, Pluto was surprised not only by “cosmic snails”, ufologists,
For example, in a stunned fact that NASA, having laid out in free access
Internet a huge number of high-quality images from this
mysterious planet, one area of ​​its “covered” with photos
minimum resolution. According to conspiracy therapists, Americans
hide something again. On the request of network users to put pictures
normal quality, NASA refused, they say, there are none …

Photo processing professionals had to deal with
low-quality images, however, when they managed
�”Pull out” of them all that you can, it turned out that NASA hid
Pluto’s huge ring structures
clearly not of natural origin. Ufologists believe that this or
city, or colossal base of aliens.

It seems that such a find should please the real ones.
space scientists, who NASA scientists claim to be, this is
same world sensation! An, no, again, omissions, secrets, concealments and
other nonsense, which earthlings, apparently, do not get sick is still very

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