Poisonous insects attackedUk

Separate areas of the UK were recently invaded
poisonous insects that can cause not only the strongest
allergies, but also a skin rash with ulcers, severe damage to the eyes,
nasopharynx, attacks of deep asthma, fever and other painful
symptoms, after which a person needs urgent medical

According to the publisher of Daily Star, Royal Forest
society even published in the most popular social networks
Internet appeal to the British, reporting poisonous caterpillars,
which appeared in many city parks and oak forests
United Kingdom. The message, in particular, states that
to all the fault of the seemingly harmless moths. However, these butterflies
produce a variety of caterpillars, each of which has more
sixty thousand poisonous hairs that come into contact with
human skin leads to the above diseases.

Misty Albion Wildlife Experts Clarify
that nests of moths can reach the size of a soccer ball and to
The same is strongly stretched in length, therefore in case of detection
such a nest must immediately report to the special service or just
call the emergency number.

According to the head of the Forest Society of Britain, from the invasion
toxic insects today most affected southeast
Of England. In severely contaminated areas full scale
work on the destruction of the caterpillars and the nests of the moths themselves, placed
thousands of traps, the population is warned about security measures.

Such poisonous caterpillars mainly accumulate on oaks, although
are able to infect other trees by feeding on their leaves as well
may well appear anywhere, even crawl into residential
premises, which is very dangerous for its inhabitants. By the way, employees
Forest Society of Great Britain is trying to neutralize first
a line of nests of moths, while the caterpillars in them are still small, not
able to creep away on trees.

The Daily Star publisher clarifies that moths are most likely
were introduced to the United Kingdom a few years ago from
mainland Europe in the form of eggs on oak seedlings: there is
suspicion by biologists. Therefore, today’s invasion
toxic insects – not the first time, this was observed in Foggy
Albion and last year, another thing is that this season
�“Flash” of this terrible invasion of poisonous caterpillars manifested
most bright and painful.

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