Pole filmed a mythical aerial videoelemental

Elemental is the mythical essence of
medieval natural philosophy, occultism and alchemy. These perfumes
symbolize the power of the elements and are air, earthy, fiery
and watermarks. A resident of Poland Michal Belash may have succeeded
запечатлеть на видео настоящего воздушного elemental в наснеженном
the forest of his native country.

A man recently visited Tatra National Park and
unexpectedly witnessed a mysterious bluish appearance there
the whirlwind that was moving right along the path and seemed to acquire
sometimes vague human outlines. Pole did not fail to shoot
anomaly on the camera phone and put the resulting video in
World Wide Web.

Despite the fact that Michal himself says nothing about the likely
supernatural qualities of the whirlwind, many web users immediately
stated that we are talking about air elementals. Such commentators
note that the mysterious snowstorm behaves too
meaningfully as a living being. Some even argue that
a certain moment in the vortex you can see an angry face, and
if the elemental comes close enough, then
hear something awful …

Scientists, of course, do not believe in elementals and other
paranormal, but it is reported that such a phenomenon as snow
a vortex of this kind is extremely rare. Before him
managed to fix a few times in the history

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