Pole struggled to climb the highest mountaincountries and … met an unexpected stranger there

Polish amateur mountaineer Wojciech Jabchinsky a few months
preparing for the ascent of the 2503-meter Mount Rysy, which is
the highest peak in his country. The man undoubtedly took
special equipment and long physical training, however he
successfully, though not without difficulty, made the desired rise.

However, at the very top, our hero suddenly … met quite
unexpected stranger who incredibly puzzled and
surprised climber. At the top of Rysy sat a beautiful red cat, clearly
homely and purebred, calmly licking his paws.
Struck by Wojciech hurried to get a mobile phone and capture
�”Inappropriate” animal on camera.

At first, the Pole assumed that someone from other climbers
took a pet with him. The thought is rather absurd, however
Wojciech could not find any other explanations for what happened. After talking
with his fellow hobbyists, our hero found out that none of
they didn’t climb up here with the cat, and the other climbers were surprised
the presence of purrs on a two and a half kilometer peak is not
less Wojciech.

Characteristically, the animal looked absolutely full, healthy, not
frozen and not a bit worried about the surrounding environment.
Yabchinsky offered the cat patties with cottage cheese, but mustache
refused such treats. Alas, the man was not enough
an experienced climber to take a purr with you
back. However, other climbers said they would take care of
an animal. The fate of the cat is still unknown.

When the submitted photos and videos of Yabchinsky hit the World
spiderweb, they immediately became viral and circled around many sites.

Some netizens assume that mustache independently
climbed on Rysy, which is very doubtful (the opinion of experienced

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