Police helicopter circling around ufo overLos angeles

At the end of last week, something strange happened over one of
areas of the american city of los angeles, california.
Locals unexpectedly witnessed an amazing picture: in
the sky was floating dark unidentified flying object around which
heavily circled a police helicopter.

An eyewitness named Tom hurried to get his smartphone and
capture this scene on video. Turning on the video below,
you can see it with your own eyes.

Once on the World Wide Web, the recording gathered tens of thousands
views and hundreds of responses. Many commentators felt that
This UFO is of extraterrestrial origin, and Los Angeles
the cops simply did not know what to do with it.

According to some YouTube users,
the alleged “flying saucer” hung motionless in the air
the reason that the aliens on her board were scared or rather
all, quite surprised by the appearance of the helicopter. Finally there are
such web regulars who claim that we have everything
only the airship that violated the rules of air traffic and therefore
attracted the attention of law enforcement.

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