Police in Colorado got mysteriouscall “from the next world”

One of the police stations in the US city of Pueblo, a state
Colorado, was recently in the center of a rather mysterious story,
more like a plot from a Hollywood horror movie.

According to the perplexed law enforcement officers, the dispatcher on duty
I received a call in the middle of the night, but the receiver was
quiet. Despite all the entreaties of the guard of law, the individual is
end of the wire could not tell where he was calling and what was wrong with him
it happened.

Further, what is happening has acquired a truly mystical character.
The police tracked the bell and determined that someone had contacted
by stationary telephone from the city morgue. Dispatcher
I called there, and someone actually answered him, that is, he took
the tube at that end of the wire. However, the stranger continued
to be silent, that is, only dead silence was heard from the tube.

Officer Tom Rummel, who became a direct participant in this
mysterious story, tweeted that it could not find
what happened rational explanation. If adopted at the site
the call can still be regarded as a line failure, then how to explain
picking up the tube in the empty night morgue, if there is nobody there?

Why not? The fact is that the peace officers could not
leave the situation without permission and sent to the mortuary
patrol car. That just turned out that the building is tight
locked up, and the light in it is extinguished. However, there are no guards here.

The next morning, the morgue staff opened the doors and together with
the police inspected the building. Any traces of hacking or other
no oddities inside the building were found.

American journalists immediately picked up such a remarkable
a story. In local media, you can now see the following headlines:
�”The officers received a call from the other world,” “The dead man called from the morgue
to the police ”,“ Creepy Pueblo ”, etc.

Militiamen just laugh it off, claiming that
positions believe in the supernatural can not be. And so you want …

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