Police in the Tomsk region ran intoaggressive poltergeist

Russian police recently encountered something.
inexplicable, arriving at the call in the village of Maraks Kolpashevskogo
Tomsk region. Owners of a local private house
They say that a poltergeist has raged on them. Invisible native
from another world turns upside down furniture, scatters around the house
objects, extinguishes the light and even throws knives at people. Just awful!

Why did supernatural power choose this house on the outskirts,
nobody knows. Tired of such cohabitation and robbery, besides
frankly fearing for their lives, our compatriots decided
Seek help from law enforcement. Those drew up a protocol
after which they decided to call representatives of the church for expulsion from
home of all this devilry, because the police did not have
tools to combat the evil spirits.

The head of the family, Alexander, says:

Just imagine, knives fly around the house, stuck into the walls,
light bulbs burn out, books fly through the air, and even objects
furniture. When the guardians of the law arrived here, they also became
witnesses of strange incidents: in the bedroom for no reason
a heavy cabinet overturned, and books fell from a wall shelf.

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