Police Sheepdog is so good lookingdrugs that cartels have awarded for her head

6-year-old German Shepherd Dog Sombra (translated as “shadow”),
working in the National Police of Colombia, brings so
a lot of problems south american cartels that local drug lords
began to assign a reward for killing a dog. According to
law enforcement officers, the bloodhound has an exceptionally delicate scent, and for
In recent years, she has helped law enforcement officers seize more than nine tons
banned substances and also make about three hundred arrests
drug dealers.

The powerful criminal group “Clan del Golfo”,
losing tens of millions through the fault of the Sombre, has already appointed
Shepherd reward of one hundred thousand dollars. Having learned about it,
Colombian police were forced to provide reinforced Sombre
protection during its bypasses and transportation. It is noteworthy that
the reward message for killing a service dog was
published by drug cartel representatives in popular social
Twitter networks, perhaps with a twofold purpose: to attract mass
mercenaries eager for such a high reward for killing a dog, and in
the same time intimidating the pro-enforcement authorities of Colombia.

Journalists first wrote about Sombre in 2016, when she
pointed officers to a few kilograms of cocaine, hidden in
container with bananas. Last May, the shepherd dog sniffed 1.1
tons of “Colombian gold”, heading to Belgium, and the month
later found as many as 5.3 tons of the drug that was tried
take out to usa. Sheepdog turned into a kind of hero and became
symbol of the struggle of the Colombian authorities against drug cartels. therefore
There is nothing surprising in the fact that criminals are trying to eliminate
this animal.

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