Police warns about the mysterious wolf

Rockland County police officers in New York State
an unusual statement. Law enforcement officers warned fellow countrymen,
that the so-called coyvolk is wound up here – a hybrid of coyote and wolf.
Talk about such animals has been going on in the USA for a long time, but so far
no officially documented case is known
mating wolf with coyote, especially getting offspring. Before
of today, such creatures have been the object of interest only
cryptozoologists, but certainly not the guardians of the law.

Take a look at the picture above – even the police officers
contrived to photograph the mythical beast. Despite
relatively low image quality, you can still
clearly consider that this is not an ordinary wolf, and certainly
no coyote The photo was taken recently near the town of Congers.
At about the same time, several citizens said that they had noticed in
The surrounding area is a large gray animal that looks like a dog. Local
resident Sean McCormack even claims to have seen cryptoid
predatoryly lurking nearby, when a man’s neighbor was taking out early
morning trash. Naturally, the American sounded the alarm …

Koivolk or werewolf?

Can wolves and coyotes actually interbreed in nature?
Experts say that this is possible because these types of
supposedly divided only a few thousand years ago.
Genetic studies show that almost all gray wolves in
North America is to some extent relatives
of meadow wolves, i.e. coyotes. However, as mentioned above,
cases of such crossing in our days were not recorded.
Cryptozoologists say that if this really happened, then
coyolk should be much larger than a coyote: adult weight
the male can, in theory, reach 80 kilograms. Such an animal
should have super powerful jaws and a fierce temper.

Given that the animals of the family canine always give birth to
several puppies, there is a high probability that
Rockland can be more than one. The police are asking citizens,
First, do not let your pets out, but
secondly, in the event of a collision with an alleged cryptoid,
make loud sounds and try to look as big as possible.
Some residents of the district, especially impressed by this news, even
they are now afraid that they might have gotten some coyolk there,
and the real bloodthirsty werewolf. And what, it’s even more
seems to be true …

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