Poltergeist activity hit the video informer hotel

�Garnett House is a historic former hotel
located in the american city of garnetta kansas. House was
built in 1858 by david houston and opened as
Hotel Hiram Tefft in the autumn of the same year. This construction
It became the first hotel in the city, and in time it acquired
several tweaks. It is said that the owner refused to live in
the original part of the building, since the walls constantly ranged from

The hotel has become known among locals and visitors as
�”House Garnett”, or “Hotel-lighthouse.” The second is quite romantic
the name is due to the fact that on the top floor but the nights were burning brightly
the windows, and that light was visible for miles around. �Garnett House –
the only building of the city that has survived to the present day from the times
preceding the American Civil War. For a 160-year history, it
Seen many events, and not all of them were joyful.

So, in 1859, the famous abolitionist John Brown hid for
the attic of a hotel freed slaves. In the 1870s, Garnett
turned into a crossroads of busy roads, where constantly
cowboys, gold miners, Indians, criminals and
immigrants. The city literally became one big stereotypical scene.
from the Wild West with saloons, brothels and gunfights on the streets.
Many people left their lives here, and the killings also did not go around
�Garnett House. Maybe that’s why it is believed that there are
ghosts and all the devilry who do not intend to leave these
the walls while there is a roof over them.

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