Poltergeist scares schoolchildren right duringlessons

What would you do if your neighbor on the desk was
invisible from the other world?

Pupils and teachers of a school in the Omsk Region complain that
that a real poltergeist has settled in the building, breaking lessons
and frightening children. In order to make sure this is true or
No, the school was visited by journalists and even scientists. Turning on
the video below, you can watch a report on these
mystical incidents.

Events unfolding in ordinary rural school. Fifth grader
Daniel Olesenko right in the middle of the lesson began to fall from his chair, and his
the desk began to literally walk. Shocked teacher
asked the child to go for a walk in the lobby hoping that
paranormal will stop. However, outside of class with
the schoolboy again began to happen inexplicable. In the hallway fell
a big pot with a flower, and Daniel cried out, fearing the presence
invisible devilry.

The teacher invited Olesenko to the blackboard, but also here, to the general
terrified, something supernatural happened. The sash began
spontaneously open and close. And when our young hero
already went home and went to the locker room, there collapsed heavy
metal hanger, almost hurt the other students.

Has a teenager attracted a poltergeist with his unique
energy? Or maybe Daniel possesses telekinesis and, of himself not
aware of the power of thought can move objects? Native boy not
give any comments about what happened, reporting only
that with the schoolboy at the moment everything is in order.

Poltergeist does not allow you to shoot yourself

In order to deal with such an unusual emergency
incident, the director of the institution asked for help
specialists from the Omsk Planetarium. Vladimir Planetarium employee
Krupko says that he and his colleagues, having visited the school, with their
they saw with their eyes how pieces of furniture moved by themselves. TO
Unfortunately, the experts were unable to capture this on video. They
believe that a real poltergeist is unlikely to allow anyone
get documentary evidence of its existence. None
however, sometimes a poltergeist can be videotaped, another thing is that
he rarely holds demonstrations when in the hands of people
There are video cameras, most often these are cases recorded

None менее, свидетелей загадочной мистики в сельской школе
Omsk region has more than two dozen: both children and
adults. So on the hoax and some fantasies or even
schoolchildren’s mischief is not all that much like it.

Meanwhile, the workers of the Omsk Planetarium, inspired by their
experience, held in the scientific and educational theater a lecture dedicated to
poltergeist. The theme of the afterlife thin world, as it turned out, cares
there are more people than astronomy …

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