Poltergeist tormenting a woman and herfamiliar

Mystical events that occur with a resident of the curve
Horns (Ukraine) Alena Dorogova, have long been attracted
attention of researchers of abnormal phenomena and journalists. how
a woman argues, she is pursued by some otherworldly force
leaving mysterious burns on his victim’s body. Besides,
полтергейст нападает на familiar Дороговой.

And this bleak story began a few years ago.
Alain then was in the third month of pregnancy. Getting married she
moved to the house of his grandfather, which was previously observed
manifestations of poltergeist. Residents of the house often heard someone
as if stomping on the roof, slapping barefoot, drops and
scatters things. Also, Alyona’s grandmother and mother said that
not once strangled them at night …

Poltergeist took Alain

�”Barabashka” especially raged after a woman
divorced her spouse and found another – a civil one – a husband. By
the nights in the house rang out like a crowd of people, light
spontaneously ignited and also quenched. In January 2010 Alyona
woke up in horror because her cold hands choked her,
after which, in the hands of the woman herself, there are strange traces – like
like from handcuffs. Byдобные же следы виднелись на ногах и шее.
All this happened with tightly closed doors and windows. AT
May-month the attack was repeated, now the back of the Alenins
hands “decorated” burns in the form of chicken marks, and the stomach –
20-centimeter scorched arrow, pointing downwards. On
neck, too, was a red stripe.

AT этой ужасной ситуации женщине не помогли ни освящение дома, ни
magical rites, nor the legal design of marriage. Uninvited guest
still visited the Dorogovs, made noise and disturbed the hosts. AT скором
time Alena had a baby. Fortunately for parents, with a little
Kate everything turned out well.

And in the fall of 2011. Alyona забеременела вновь. One night she
I saw a man in the corner of the bedroom. He approached and began stroking
a woman on the stomach. Alyona стала мысленно сопротивляться. ATидимо, она
briefly lost consciousness, and for some reason woke up on the floor: the face and
the lower abdomen was in the blood, but it seemed to be a stranger …

Alyona утверждает, что «потусторонний агрессор» часто звонит на
her mobile phone (its number is not determined), can in any
moment to seize the legs – so that his unfortunate victim
turns on the floor. Angry “drummer” pursues Alain and for
outside her home, for example, at her mother-in-law. Dorogova turned to
psychic, and she said that Alain tormented by the ghost of the German
the soldier killed in these places. Действительно, в годы ATеликой
Patriotic war there were battles, besides the village, in which
lives Alenina family, in 1952. built prisoners of war.

Byлтергейст или же заболевание?

Over time, the poltergeist began pursuing other related
with Dorogovoy, people. AT частности от него пострадала знакомая Алены –
Galina Tokar, working in a local store. One day after
как Alyona посетила магазин, Галина заглянула в подсобку — в этот
something flew past her, burning her shoulder … Another
Alenin’s acquaintance, who visited the Dorogovs, unknown
the force was subsequently dropped from the sofa and, having pulled out of the house, threw at
land …

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