Polygraph, like an outdated lie detector, wantdismiss

In the world there was an opinion that polygraphs, which are also called
lie detectors are not reliable, in their work a lot depends not even on
perfection of the device itself, as many experts argue, and
from the operator serving the polygraph, that is, from his
professional abilities, experience and even inborn talent
psychologist. But as a rule, such people are easy to define, lying
man or not, without any technology …

That is why polygraphs were never counted in court cases,
although they were still widely used, for example, in the selection
personnel in especially important state structures – the CIA, the KGB and so
Further. This is understandable, since the greatest psychologists who can
to distinguish lies from truth, in the world of unity, and structures where necessary
check a person for honesty – the sea.

And because the inventors of all stripes did not leave hope to come up
new, more sophisticated lie detector. And so it seems
The startup company “Converus” managed to do it. At least,
advertising channels today with might and main trumpeting about a unique system
�“EyeDetect” created by this startup. It is reported that “EyeDetect”
uses an AI system that is trained to detect signs of lying on
based on the analysis of even the slightest change in the pupil size of the subjects,
eye reactions to questions.

The company declares that the reliability of their system is
at least 86 percent plus it’s significantly cheaper
polygraph. Probably succumbing to such assurances, “EyeDetect” already
with might and main used by the largest American companies in the selection
frames. In the media flashed information that the contract with a startup
�”Converus” to provide services in Guatemala, Paraguay, and so on
even concluded the US State Department. Customs officers of the United
States allegedly also experience this unique technology today,
extremely necessary in such state structures.

But what professor of psychology says about “EyeDetect”
University of Minnesota by William Yakono:

I believe that Converus is more professional than
creating a lie detector, and in its promotion. I’m surprised that
quite respectable customers pay for this dubious service great
money and really use it on living people, making on the basis of
This some conclusions, which sometimes depend on the fate of these
the subjects. It’s just awful! We checked performance
�“EyeDetect”, it does not exceed 50 percent, that is, any person
can work with the same efficiency without any device, and
a good psychologist will give EyeDetect a hundred points ahead. Speech in this
case is not about innovative machine testing, but rather about
fashion trends from the field of artificial intelligence in order to
promote dubious technology to the market.

Note, the leading scientists of the world working in the development and
Improving AI, there is no certainty that in the near future
You can create an effective lie detector based on artificial
intelligence, if at all possible with modern scientific
approaches. This is why a good psychologist is still worth hundreds.
polygraphs, if I may say so and compare. And even more correct
will say this: without a good operator – an experienced psychologist
one lie detector is not worth a damn …

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