Pope once met withalien

One of the most amazing revelations concerning the Vatican,
was made in the current millennium. Loris Kapovilla – Former
Secretary of Pope John XXIII, who died in 1963, –
stated that one day the pontiff personally met and talked … with

In this unexpected statement made to the press in 2005,
Cardinal told reporters that John XXIII never and from anyone
did not hide the fact of an amazing meeting, while surrounding the chapter
the Roman Catholic Church cardinals and archbishops knew very well
about this and unanimously believed the Pope.

According to Loris, His Holiness got in touch with
representative of a sensible extraterrestrial civilization right next to his
residence in the Italian city of Castel Gandolfo. Pontiff and his
secretary strolled through the garden, when not far from them suddenly
a certain golden aura has faded. Then in the air formed
portal of the most amazing colors, from which came out incredibly
beautiful creature, quite unlike man.

Struck by this picture, John XXIII and Kapovilla fell on
knees and began to pray, believing that the angel of God appeared to them.
However, the benevolent visitor gestures asked
men get on their feet and wanted to talk alone with the head
The Vatican.

The conversation of the Pope and the stranger either from another star, or
from a parallel world, according to Cardinal, lasted
about half an hour. When it’s over, the alien
instantly disappeared, and His Holiness returned to his secretary and
inspiredly said:

The children of the Lord are present everywhere, although they do not always see.
in us brothers.

What exactly did these words mean, Kapovilla could not with accuracy
explain to reporters. Perhaps the extraterrestrial guest told the Pope that
there is intelligent life in all corners of the universe, but far from
every alien race will treat us friendly. But this
already speculation of modern ufologists …

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