Popular cafe closes because ofsupernatural activity

Cafe “Hall of Fame” in the US city of San Antonio, state
Texas, closed a few days ago for a very unusual reason.
Its owners claim that some kind of
devilry, which terrifies customers, staff, and indeed
the owners of the institution too.

Local surveillance camera recently even recorded
activities of the supernatural guest on the video, thereby still
more scaring all involved in this business.

By turning on the video shown below, you can see how
the fence in an empty cafe with force turns over by itself. it
happened on June 20, at about one in the morning. When the staff arrived
here the next morning and noticed a mess, they first thought,
that the intruders had entered the establishment the day before. However,
the staff immediately found out that not a single dollar was missing from the cash register. Then
perplexed Americans watched recordings from cameras of auto-recorders
and were literally shocked by what he saw.

The cafe opened here in November last year and quickly won
popularity among the townspeople. It was famous for its style decoration.
retro as well as old-fashioned dishes and music. People have come here,
to rest, as they say, body and soul, especially after
hard day work.

April Ward, who owns this business with her husband, reports
that they are very sorry for their decision to close the establishment. None
less spouses are very devout people and least
want to close with them, as well as their subordinates and customers,
there was some evil.

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