�”Portal in space” removed from the windowaircraft

It is alleged that the video below was obtained
on Monday, October 29, one of the passengers of the airliner,
coming from Chicago to New York. Elderly man who wished
remain anonymous, suddenly noticed something strange and
captured it on an old phone.

Итак, что же за окном aircraft привлекло внимание американского
pensioner? Our hero says that a large air appeared in the air.
bluish ring, the space in which it was as if distorted.
Surprised traveler called his granddaughter to learn from
her, what he suddenly witnessed.

The girl was at a loss, especially because of the old
phone, which was filmed a strange phenomenon, she could not even
ask grandfather to send her the footage. However, she
suggested that we can talk about a kind of gap in
space-time continuum. Of course, our granddaughter
she was not sure of the hero, but she had no other hypotheses.

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