Possible types of UFO. What are UFOs.

виды НЛО

Let’s talk about UFOs, abbreviated unidentified flying
objects. It is the source of light in the sky, above the earth, and even under water,
the trajectory of which has no logical or natural
explanations. UFO phenomenon is not explained neither by witnesses, nor by scientific
points of view. UFOs come in several forms:

1. Very small, several centimeters in size, which
appear not high above the ground. Single objects appear or
several of one big. 2. Small, up to three meters, having
egg shape or disk. Fly also not high above the ground, but
landing. 3. Basic, up to forty meters in size
disk. Observed in any layers of the atmosphere, according to eyewitnesses
из них отделяются более маленькие objects. 4. The largest in the form
cigars or cylinder or spindle, up to eight hundred meters
length They appear in the upper atmosphere, move rather
slow or hover on top. The cases of their landing on the ground are not
fixed. 5. And a very rare species is an UFO of unusual shape:
bell, wheel, cross or V-shaped.

UFO technology

технологии НЛО

Innovative technologies ufo interested in modern scientists
long. It is no secret that we are lagging behind in these matters quite strongly.
And if we compare the successes of mankind and extraterrestrial intelligence, then we
most likely, we can only claim the primitive level.
Although, those objects and technologies of UFO, which were in the hands of
scientists, allowed us to significantly expand our knowledge in the field of
rocketry and aviation.

Developments closed to the public exist and successfully
work on test sites. So the spaceships,
flying in the sun, winged costumes and the most powerful and
destructive solar cannons are our reality. Military
The arsenal of the future does not end there, scientists continue
work on spaceships that can practically
all: to conduct hostilities and freely roam the space
space, getting energy from space.

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