Prediction for the near future from the astrologerLindsey edwards

Американский астролог Lindsey edwards опубликовала прогноз на
near future concerning some prominent politicians
modernity. Why are these politicians in sight?
An astrologer, I think, is understandable to everyone. But how accurate
these predictions will be, only time will tell.

In any case, it is interesting because, if we talk
откровенно, прогноз астролога Lindsey edwards перекликается с
predictions of some prominent world analysts who, in their
vision of the near future of the world is based, as you know, not on
stars, but simply follow the trends of modern
of society.

Astrologer about Donald Trump

Despite all the talk and shaking of air in the press,
impeachment of the us president this year is not threatened, but commit on
his attempt may well be, and if this happens, in the fall,
most likely in October of this year.

Soon, problems in the president’s family will become more pronounced, although
Melania in public will demonstrate the perfect matrimonial
a couple. And Trump himself will also hide family differences,
since the cause in this drama seems to be exactly the First
Leli country, not her spouse.

Astrologer about Teresa May

This lady’s political career can be said to be over in May
she will have to resign. And precede this, aggravating
political crisis in the UK will be somewhat
terrorist acts. After that, the press will blame May not only
her political miscalculations, but also in excessive attachment to
to alcohol. True, as they say, on the second day of Teresa May –
everyone will forget, not only in Britain, but throughout the world.

By the way, London and after the departure of Theresa May will be a long time
undergo terrorist attacks, to which Russia, as always,
will not have any relation …

Astrologer about Kim Jong-un

As Trump continues to bend his line towards
North Korea, intimidating it with war and all sorts of sanctions,
the leader of this country, Kim Jong-un, will increasingly demonstrate
the world that the DPRK is ready to defend its independence from the United States and other
superpowers, relying on their own strength and the determination of the people of this
small country fight to the last soldier.

No peace talks that are talked about a lot today
press, between the leaders of the United States and North Korea will not take place.
At the same time, Kim Jong-un will increasingly demonstrate that his country
does not seek any wars (abandons nuclear testing),
however, she will do everything possible so that the DPRK can fight back any
aggressor, whether it is the United States, Japan or any other country. AT
On the whole, North Korea will start building its relations with China.
and even South Korea based on mutual economic and political
interests. And only for the USA will this country still be like a bone
in the throat…

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