Prediction of a Catholic Mystic: Up to 13October, the United States will destroy megatsunami

Catholic mystic and supporter of the world conspiracy Emmett
O’Regan is widely known because he has secret knowledge
the basis of which predicts future events in the world. He dedicated
decades to solve the main, in his opinion, riddle
of our time – the third prophecy, which received a girl Lucia
from the Virgin in the village of Fatima in 1917.

The other day in a special interview with Daily Star Online Emmett O’Regan
told the world that in the Third Prophecy, so thorough
hidden by the Vatican, it is said about the greatest tsunami, more than
kilometer, which falls until October 13 of this year on the United States (as
times a hundred years after the final “divine” eclipse in
Portuguese village of Fatima – Miracle of the Sun, witnessed by
become seventy thousand people.

Much has been written about the miraculous phenomenon in Fatima 1917
all sorts of works and even books, but the main intrigue of that miracle was
and there remains the Third Prophecy, which Lucia hid for a long time, and
then, due to the fact that the girl devoted herself to serving God, and,
naturally, she completely trusted her confessor, it became a secret
The Vatican.

The first two prophecies of Fatima are known today to all. In the first
speaks of the impending World War II, and the second is devoted
the great spiritual mission of Russia, Lucia practically told about them
right away The third prophecy of Fatima, the Vatican promised to make public in 1960
year, but never did.

In 1984 Cardinal Joseph let slip about the Third Prophecy.
Ratzinger, and then his words were confirmed by Pope Benedict XVI. but
from their mean revelations it was possible to understand only that the speech in
revelation was about some kind of world catastrophe hiding behind
Christians’ favorite word is Apocalypse. but доходили
the information that Lucia’s message said about the huge waves that
the ocean will overlap the continent and many people will die. Therefore,
they say, the Vatican does not make sense to publish all this and scare your

True in 2000, the Vatican on behalf of Pope John Paul II suddenly
told the world that the Third Prophecy has already come true, they say, in it
talked about the assassination attempt on the pontiff, which happened in 1981
year, just on May 13, that is, on the anniversary of the first phenomenon
Virgin in Fatima.

Not very convincing, Emmett grins at this statement
O’Regan, of course, the life of the Pope may have some
value for believers, but for the world as a whole – no. Why the first
Fatima’s two prophecies concerned all of humanity, and most importantly
third – some trifle? Yes, this simply can not be.

I have dedicated this mystery to many years, says
Emmett O’Regan, collected almost all the information from people who knew
Lucia, and therefore I can say that this girl had a vision
the monstrous earthquake and the apocalyptic
tsunami. In my book, The Discovery of the Apocalypse, I hypothesize
that the trigger of those catastrophic events for America will be
volcano on the Canary Islands. After its eruption, part of the islands
�”Fall into the ocean”, causing a monstrous wave. All this was
revealed Lucia in the so-called Third Revelation …

According to the mystic, the Apocalypse for the USA can happen very
soon since even the California Institute of Geophysics
University predicts that the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island
La Palma (Canaries) is about to explode, which would entail
tsunami birth up to 1500 meters altitude. Such a wave will easily pass
the whole of the Atlantic and, without losing any strength, will strike the eastern
coast of North America.

Lucia was given to see this horrific tsunami
what happened after the collapse of a huge mountain. Therefore, all of today’s
conversations, for example, the mystic David Meade, about a mysterious planet
Nibiru, which supposedly appears on our horizon on September 23, as
and the noise around Supervolcano Yellowstone, I think is empty,
distracting maneuvers from the real catastrophe that awaits
America …

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