Prediction of Theophanes of Poltava about the futureOf Russia

On the eve of the new 2018, journalists are looking for
prophecies for the next twelve month period that awaits
all of us, because it excites today practically everyone. And although
many great and even not very great oracles, more often than not,
gave predictions exactly over the years, understand that this or that prophecy
still applies to our crucial historical moment,

Not by chance, the writing fraternity pulled out almost from nothingness
unofficial confessor of the family of the last czar of the Russian Empire
a certain Theophanes of Poltava (in the world of Vasily Bystrov), who
and many other extraordinary people, dedicated to the mysteries of life, could
to foresee the future, naturally, his views in this regard were related to
первую очередь Of Russia.

At the beginning of the last century, Theophanes of Poltava foreseen the collapse
Russian Empire, the fall of spirituality and destruction in the country
Orthodoxy. However, he said that, ultimately, “
what no one in the world expects, ”namely: Russia will rise from
dead like a phoenix from the ashes. Orthodoxy will also be revived, although
will become very different, more pure and spiritual. And the board is in
Of Russia будет под стать этой духовности – православной

It is hard to say what future that family confessor would direct.
Nicholas II his view, tie his prophecies specifically to 2018
year is very difficult, but today, due to the scandal around
films “Matilda”, the name of the last monarch of the house of the Romanovs and everything
what surrounded him, the public again stirred up. Not
It is surprising that the unofficial confessor of the tsar’s

By the way, journalists remember the official family confessor
last reigning Romanovs – Grigory Rasputin, who also
He liked to look into the future, yes, they say, he also had a considerable
talent in this business. So Rasputin very accurately foresaw that in
the end of the twentieth century, Russia will be deceived when they promise
the mountains of gold, and they will pay off with clay fragments
an attempt to conquer a great country. Only none of this venture
work out. And soon a great saintly person will arrive in Russia with
Of the East – the prophet, whose name will be associated with all spiritual
transformation in the country …

Russians can breathe easy, at least those of them
who can really live to see all these beneficial changes …

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