Predictions for 2018: Qaeda Uber about Russia,Ukraine and the United States

The heiress of the great Vanga French fortune teller Kaede
Uber, which is also called the reincarnation of the Bulgarian blind
prophets, predicts that the year 2018 as a whole will not be easy for
of the world. For example, Europe should expect another threat from swarthy

The United States of America expects new “terrorist acts”,
which the authorities themselves or provoke or even artificially
will create. The last such slaughter, tripled in Las Vegas,
confirms the words of the young oracle. However, one act of vandalism,
warns Uber, things won’t end. The country is waiting for serious
shocks in this regard.

Ukraine, 2018 will not bring anything good, that is, the expected
citizens of this unfortunate country of improvement in political and
no economic life is foreseen. Moreover, next year
will become even more tense than the previous one. In Ukraine, a ride
a wave of political protests that could get much worse
than it was in 2014 on the Maidan of Kiev. Quite possible
coup and seizure of power by security forces.

But Russia Kaede Uber promises to remove all
economic sanctions, after which the country is waiting for a new round
economic and political recovery.

The young seer this time stopped mostly on
political and economic issues, only briefly mentioning that,
Mother Nature begins to teach people her own mind, and therefore in
next year will continue natural disasters, which may
to add more epidemics. And they will become of such magnitude that
will even be like a world war using biological

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