Predictions for 2019 from the most reputableoracles

In general, the forecasters of all stripes about our time
uttered (wrote) so many sorts of horror stories that normal
man fit, as they say, scared and not to live. but
a modern citizen of the planet Earth has long been not so flimsy, his
one notorious end of the world scared already so many times that he
accustomed to this, as weather forecasters predicted: perhaps something and
will be, but not quite as promised, and not necessarily on schedule.
time limit

As for earthquakes, floods, wars and other tinsel,
then Internet users, for example, are considering this today.
as a disaster only if such a disaster touches
they themselves, as well – read it (they looked even better and
certainly discussed) and forgotten …

But what is interesting: the predictions of clairvoyants, whatever
were (like the truth or completely absurd), for some reason
very much interest many. A person believes in them – reads, not
believes – reads, laughs at all these notions of the seers and
Wizards – still reads. Especially if the predictions concern
Russia, and, we note, it is of interest not only to Russians, others
perhaps even more inhabitants of the planet …

Soothsayers about what awaits Russia next year

The Kazakhstan clairvoyant Vera Lyon assures that the most difficult and
Russia has already experienced a painful period, and therefore 2019 will be for
Of course, it is not a real gift, but the “goat has already been sold” type. On
against the United States, where Lyon sees the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano and all
the consequences of this cataclysm, the Russians have almost nothing to fear.
It turns out that Russia’s supervolcano itself will not touch Russia, although
scientists speak almost about nuclear winter for the entire planet in case
Yellowstone eruption … At the same time in the Russian Federation will begin to flourish
Siberia, continues to calm Russians Providitsa, truth, precisely
here in the future will rush the flow of migrants affected by
natural disasters. But … Siberia is waiting for economic

Approximately the same says about Russia Vedic astrologer
из Индии Пунит Onхата (заглавное фото), который считает, что до
2020, Russia favors Jupiter and the Moon, but because they cover
the territory of the Russian Federation from any negative influence from the outside. But inside
the state itself may be unrest and even riots, although in general
the state of stability of Russia is not reflected in any way.

Well, remember the great sleeping prophet of America Edgar Cayce, he
also, as it turned out, looked in 2019 and beyond. And saw in our
Russian prosperity and the US catastrophe. But what is interesting is
Casey said that it was in the United States of America by the end
next year, will begin to teach telepathy, and after a decade
there will be no need for a telephone connection in the world because
people will learn to communicate mentally and sensually – on the mental plane.
Moreover, at this time, earthlings will lose all interest in
travel, because before them will open up “the uncharted worlds and
undiscovered measurements. “

By the way, we note that Edgar Cayce was often mistaken in time
when an event occurs, although it was accurate at the very
foresight. However, all oracles “sin” to some extent.
That is why their predictions are compared with the forecasts of weather forecasters:
the rain will surely spill, that’s just not known when and where …

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