Predictions of clairvoyants: will there be a thirdWorld War

According to the largest German tabloid newspaper Bild, almost all
the prophets, the distant and not so distant past, not to mention
today’s mages and sorcerers, saw the year 2018 that began for us
very difficult both politically and economically. But
the main thing – they saw the maturation at this time of the Third World
War, which some magicians called the inevitable, others –

For example, the Bavarian clairvoyant Alois Irlmayer, who without
mistakes predicted many events of the twentieth century and even the exact date
his own death in July 1957, said that it was in 2018
году в мире произойдет Третья World War, которая больнее всего
will hit the countries of Western Europe, that in this terrible war will
unseen before bacteriological and chemical
weapon All this will then result in real civil revolutions,
which will cover Germany, Italy and France.

Another Bavarian divinator, Matthew Lang, better known as
the sorcerer Mülchiazl, who was able to predict the First and the First
The Second World War, said at one time that the world was prepared and
The third global massacre, and it will begin between 2017 and 2022
for years. One year from this terrible prediction we lived like
without world military cataclysms, although not without local wars on
East and Ukraine, not to mention the confrontation between the United States and the North
Korea So Mülchiazl saw the beginning of the Third World War in the East,
however, his hearth, he said, would soon spread to the Western
Europe Millions will die, despite the fact that the war itself
will not last long.

Fortunately, most prophets do not see in the future and
exactly in this year 2018, the Third World War, rightly
believing that it will not allow anyone to unleash such superpowers
like Russia and China. Well, let’s hope that all
will happen. As a Russian psychic once said,
parapsychologist and writer Sergei Nikolaevich Lazarev, the world is in vain
thinks that the prophets are deceiving him with promises of the end of the world,
The apocalypse may well have happened dozens of times, but that’s just
humanity found the strength to avoid it. Quite possible,
that we will find the strength to avoid and intended like us
World War III …

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