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The touching and sublime story of a dog named Hachiko long
Already became an example of loyalty and endless devotion to their dogs
to the owners. When Hachiko was a year and a half, its owner, Japanese
Professor Hidesaburo Ueno died of a heart attack. Accustomed to always and
everywhere follow your friend dog for nine years daily
came to the station, from where his master went to work, and
waited for him before dusk, and then went to sleep on
the porch is tightly closed professorial home …

Thanks to a newspaper article about Hachiko, the whole country learned. Day
The death of this amazing dog has become a day of mourning for the Japanese. Soon
A faithful Hachiko was erected a monument.

This story became known to the whole world and was even
filmed. Today we will talk about dogs that also
dedicated their lives to serving the people …

Russian Hachiko

The dog Naidu in Komsomolsk-on-Amur was called Russian Hachiko,
since she spent twelve years in a public garden next to the road, waiting
his master, who right at the bus stop knocked to death
car. Naida then survived and remained in place

Fragile townspeople more than once took the dog to their home,
trying to warm her with love and affection. However naida
pined and it was quite obvious that she was aiming for a place
the death of his master. In the end, a booth was built for her and
willingly fed there.

Unfortunately, there were bad people who, having decided to make fun of
unhappy animals, locked Naidu in her shelter and set fire
booth. Спасти собаку удалось лишь by miracle. However life nayda
still tragically cut short: in 2017. she died under the wheels
car, actually repeating the fate of the beloved owner.

Just recently, a monument was unveiled in Komsomolsk-on-Amur
a dog whose boundless devotion touched and conquered
human hearts …

A dog that has become a living gravestone on the grave of the owner

Argentine dog nicknamed Captain also had a chance to survive
beloved master. After his death, a pet for a while
stayed with the family of the deceased, and then suddenly disappeared. Captain
They searched for a long time and finally found the owner near the grave.

Explain how the dog managed to find the burial place, no one
managed Кто-то считает, что Captain вел запах, кто-то говорит о
inner unity of the spirit. There is even an opinion that between people and
animals set a special electromagnetic field.
Hypotheses are expressed, disputes are conducted, and the faithful dog meanwhile
eleven years comes to the grave of his master …

The dog who led and maintained love

In the early twentieth century, American dog Bobby made his way to
more than four thousand kilometers, returning home to their
to the owners. It happened that Bobby was lost when the family
traveled to indiana. Despite a long search, find a dog
failed. It was a bereavement for the hosts, but in the end
they are back in Oregon.

Half a year later, a real surprise awaited people: their favorite, Bobby.
came back home! The emaciated dog could barely stand. How
did he manage to find the way? Where did the forces come from?
overcome the fields, rivers and mountains? ..

The seemingly incredible return of Bobby immediately became a sensation, oh
which spoke all of America.

Amazing dog named Balto from Alaska

Few people know that the “prototype” of the cartoon hero
nicknamed Balto was a real dog who, having committed a heroic
feat, saved dozens of lives. It is believed that riding
Huskies are slow and clumsy, but it was this dog who showed
the power of his nature when the lives of children were in danger.

In 1925 in Alaska there was an outbreak of diphtheria, patients urgently
serum was required. Stormy weather did not allow her to deliver
by air, and then it was decided to go for the drug
on dogs.

Despite the snowfall and heavy wind, the team, which led
Balto, heroically overcame a thousand-kilometer path. Smart,
The hardy dog ​​managed to avoid a lot of dangers and reached the finish line.
The children were still alive, and the story of the sled dog that saved him from
epidemic city, became a legend.

Rescue dogs

… In Altai, a year ago, there was a story that shook the whole of Russia. AT
frost woman left her two-year-old child on
veranda home. A doomed baby survived only because
the dog sat next to him and warmed his child until the rescuers arrived
warmth …

… The true hero of the Australians has become a half-blind and deaf dog
Max, who did not leave in trouble a three-year-old girl Aurora, who lives in
Cherry Gully in Queensland.

April 20 this year, about three o’clock in the afternoon, small
Aurora went to the first independent journey. When
Relatives found her absence, they came out in search of a child
police officers, members of the public and more than a hundred
volunteers. Aurora searched 17 hours and found a couple of kilometers from
houses in the bushes near the road.

As reported by the news publication, all this time next to
the girl was faithful Max. Australian healer, blinded on
one eye and completely lost hearing did not leave the child
step and his barking attracted rescuers than saved Aurora life.

The state police service posted a photo of Max in his
site and reported that he demonstrated the behavior of the present
a police dog …

… June 7 of this year, two-year-old American Charly Campbell,
living in Lebanon Junction in Kentucky playing with her
Pit Bull Penny, inadvertently plunged into the woods and got lost.

Two days the child spent in the deaf more often, and all this time the neighbors
Campbells were actively looking for a girl. Their efforts were crowned with success:
little Charly and Penny who was protecting her were finally there. Girl
survivor and dehydrated, was taken to hospital,
her life is safe now.

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