Prophecies related to constructionSt. Isaac’s Cathedral

One of the most prominent and revered attractions.
Petersburg – St. Isaac’s Cathedral. However, this unique temple of Russia
keeps and many secrets and even mysterious prophecies.

And the main ones are related to the long construction of this.
architectural and cult masterpiece of the capital of Russia. Fourty years –
almost unfinished, as they say. Considered guilty
this was the prophecy that architect Auguste Montferrand received,
under whose leadership the greatest temple was erected (the fourth
on account) of the city on the Neva. In secular circles it was rumored that
Monferrand was told by a witch that he would die as soon as
St. Isaac’s Cathedral will be built, which is why the architect draws
with the end of this case.

Today researchers proved that everything was completely different and
much more prosaic. Just in the calculations of this grand object.
The project was mistaken, which prevented the talented
architect to complete it in time. However, not everyone agrees with this.
Nothing prevented Montferrand himself from consciously making this miscalculation,
and then under his pretense in every way to delay the completion of the construction
the temple.

Like it or not, but it cost Auguste to complete construction
St. Isaac’s Cathedral в 1858 году, как он тут же впал в немилость к
Alexander the Second – the emperor of Russia, who is rude and
ungratefully treated the architect. After such a blow Montferrand
fell down and no longer rose to his feet – prophecy

But it was only one prediction associated with the mysterious
Cathedral of St. Petersburg. The second stated that the USSR would last until
as long as the temple of Isaac stands in the woods. What’s under it
implied – many were not entirely clear. But since 1986
the cathedral really began to put in order, that is, to remake
from the museum back to the Christian temple. And in the early nineties
the last century, the forests on it were removed, and Isaac again took
parishioners ..

Уточним, что леса с St. Isaac’s Cathedral были полностью убраны в
1991, and what happened in the next – everyone knows, probably.
It was from this year that the Soviet Union ceased its

By the way, back to Auguste Montferrand, who, as a talented
architect, built in St. Petersburg also Alexander
The column is a very fantastic monument, which is still not
gives rest to researchers of similar artifacts of the past. But about that
we’ll talk to you in the next mysterious article
the history of St. Petersburg …

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