Psychic Vlad Cadoni predicted the US life only untilMarch 2018

The famous Novosibirsk magician Vlad Kadoni is still on the TV show “Battle
psychics “, demonstrating amazing ability, admitted
that he can communicate with spirits who tell him a lot
interesting, including the future. The other day Vlad said
to journalists, that to him was the spirit of the great Indian shaman,
who told: the United States left to live completely
немного – всего лишь до March 2018.

There will be no trace of the former power of the USA, since this
a country, through its interventions in the affairs of many sovereign states,
unleashing wars and revolutions, killing millions of innocent
citizens, has already fulfilled its black mission in this world and its end
foreshadowed The boomerang law that no one has yet abolished when evil
returns to its creator, able to destroy the United

The United States, specifies a psychic with the words of the shaman, will fall apart very
quickly, it only takes a few months. Already in March
states will begin to declare their independence. True really
only 17 states will ultimately remain independent
the rest to join other states: part to Canada,
part to Mexico, and the state of Florida, for example, will become part of Cuba.

These are the predictions from the spirit of the Indian shaman, with whom
talked Siberian psychic. Let’s wait – is it really
the future that was shown to Vlad Kadoni is realized in our
reality or the United States will be able to wriggle out again and “run away” in
more blessed reality for them? Powerful dark forces
who are behind this country can turn everything differently in this
even few doubt …

Who is interested in the fate of Russia and a further prospect in
the development of the world, predicting Vanga in the new video.

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