Psychic Vlad Kadoni about the future of Ukraine:forecast for 2018

Famous psychic from Novosibirsk Vlad Kadoni recently told
to journalists about what the United States is expecting in the near future, however
Russian media workers were more interested in the fate of Ukraine,
so the Siberian magician shared revelations with them the other day,
which were given to him by the Higher Forces
long-suffering Donbass.

Immediately after the New Year holidays, he says, the APU will throw everything
its forces against the self-proclaimed popular republics. but
Ukrainian military does not even suggest that it will cause such anger
among the militias that they will not just give a serious rebuff
aggressors, but also strongly chase them.

The APU will not just retreat, it will soon turn into
real escape. The forces of the people’s republics will pursue
Ukrainian military units all the way to Kiev, as
Once the Soviet troops were driving the Nazis to Berlin. Protracted
the war will finally end in complete defeat of the Kiev junta,
which came to power through military

What will happen to Poroshenko is difficult to say, says Vlad Kadoni,
he has two ways – to shoot himself, like Hitler, or to save himself
flight, as did his time, for example, his “friend” Michael

In any case, the existing Ukraine will stop on this
existence, and therefore soon the country will literally be reborn – in
completely new state built on the ideals of the people
Republics LDNR.

These are generally good forecasts for Ukraine for 2018,
which, we note, do not coincide with the predictions of others
psychics, but only in some details and terms. But who
He knows, maybe in the Divine office already lost all
patience towards the current leadership of this unhappy

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