Psychologists have told about aliencivilizations and explained why scientists cannot find them

A group of Spanish psychologists from the University of Cadiz reported
that scientists apparently never come to the coveted
contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations because
aliens probably use very different principles
communication than our race. People of science, they say, are prone to so
called perceptual blindness, that is, psychological
inability to see certain aspects of the problem.

In other words, humanity may be too primitive,
to “reach out” to the inhabitants of other worlds, and it pushes on
the logical question is: are we worthy to interact with
aliens? The Spaniards cite as an example the famous project
�”SETI”, whose specialists are engaged in the search for space
radio signals and do not even take into account the probability that
�”Green men” can use not yet opened by us
physical principles of communication. Alien signals may well be
to come to Earth, however, we simply do not have the ability to

This is what a simple psychological test shows.

This is what perceptual blindness is – a person is not
notices certain objects in front of his eyes because his
attention is occupied by others. According to psychologists, scientists are too
are concerned about radio signals instead of identifying other forms
communications that can be used by aliens. To
prove their point, the Spaniards conducted a cognitive test with
involving 137 volunteers. To begin with, these people were asked to decide
a riddle, a quick and intuitive answer which always turns out
wrong. Then the experiment participants were shown photos.
of nature.

In some of these pictures, a person was “taken photo”
gorilla costume. It turned out that the people who solved the problem immediately
and wrong, have noticed this person faster and more often than those
participants in the experiment who gave a well thought out, analyzed
answer. Psychologists compared scientists with volunteers who
reflected on the solution of the first problem, but could not quickly
see the “inappropriate” object in the photo that was right in front of them

Conditional divisions of alien civilizations

Representatives of the University of Cadiz also criticized
�”Kardashev scale”, proposed in 1964 by the Soviet astrophysicist
and radio astronomer Nikolai Kardashev. This scientist shared
potentially existing extraterrestrial civilizations for several types,
based on the amount of energy they consume. Civilization first
type, according to Kardashev, is limited to the resources of the home planet.
Second – uses the power of the central star of its planetary
system. Third – the power of the galaxy. Fourth – the power of all
The universe. Instead, psychologists talked about their own vision.
alien species.

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