Pterodactyls were unable to fly, widelyspreading its wings

Researchers of ancient extinct animals Kevin Padian (Kevin
Padian) and Armita Manafzadeh (Armita Manafzade) published the other day
in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society (section Biological)
An article stating that pterodactyls could not fly,
as they are shown in many films, in science fiction films and
etc. They were unable to spread their wings wide in their manner
modern bats, say, bats, while also with
well divorced paws (see photo).

As the scientists write, take on the flight in the familiar pose of pterosaurs
could not due to the fact that their joints simply did not have
sufficient flexibility. The rest of this article explains how
researchers came to this conclusion. The fact is that soft
tissues do not persist and do not even become petrified with time, and therefore
The only material for studying dinosaurs are bones and
postures in which death found this or that prehistoric animal.
With the pterosaurs, even the last is impossible, and therefore the former
reconstruction of flying dinosaurs, most likely, were incorrect.

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