Puma Punku’s Mysterious Megaliths17 thousand years

Puma Punku’s megalithic masterpiece representing one of the zones
The archaeological site of Tiahuanaco in Bolivia is unique in many
indicators: by location and planning, which proves
deep knowledge of the ancient builders in descriptive geometry, but
the main thing is in the fantastic transportation of huge stone blocks
from granite and amazing, literally filigree, processing of this
strongest granite.

Who, when and how created all this, scientists argue still.
Some archaeologists refer this complex to the VI century, others
move back the construction date to the II millennium BC, and here
Bolivian antiquities researchers Arthur Poznanski sure that
the ruins of Puma Punku, at least seventeen thousand years.

But who could build in such a distant prehistoric time such
amazing structure and for what? The fact of the matter is that move
huge granite blocks, weighing over 500 tons, over a distance of
10-100 kilometers, and then process them with such filigree not
can even modern civilization with its quite developed
technique. Therefore, to talk about some forgotten ancient technologies.
Indians and their near ancestors are just silly.

Independent researchers based on painstaking analysis
all that they have got, they conclude that the whole
Tiahuanaco megalithic complex near Lake Titicaca was created
many thousands of years ago a highly developed civilization, and in place
the ruins of Puma Punku were some kind of building, stuffed,
apparently fantastic equipment. The Puma Punku Blocks themselves are
just the foundation for the structures in the ground
why and preserved so well, despite the huge
the time interval separating them from our days.

The whole archaeological complex of Tiwanaku, and especially its
Puma Punku’s megalithic zone, proves that what happened here
�”War of the Gods” with the use of powerful weapons (blocks literally
scattered like rocket blasts). And the owners of this ancient
the constructions seem to have lost that battle since there is no
even the slightest trace of recovery is destroyed. The object itself and
his unique equipment, I suppose, the researchers write,
was simply captured and taken out by the winners (do not leave him
talking “monkeys”).

Despite the fantastic nature of this theory, it is not confirmed
only by numerous legends about some kind of “war of the Gods”, which
took place on our planet, but also quite reasonably explains everything
riddles of the Tihuanaco megalithic complex and its most
unique part – Puma Punku. Everything falls into place that is not
say, for example, about the theory of some super-powerful earthquake,
even more terrible tsunami that allegedly destroyed it all, again
without explaining at the same time, and who is all this
built? ..

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