Putin met once the Yeti family

It turns out that Russian President Vladimir Putin met
once a family of yeti. At least, so say the staff
Before It’s News, a foreign news site with a link to
Cryptozoological Society “Sasquatch Central”. Some Dmitry
Ivanov, a huntsman in the Shorsky National Park in the south
Kemerovo region, allegedly told recently by English-speaking paparazzi
about it. Say, during his short trip here a few
years ago the head of the Russian Federation saw with his own eyes at a distance of about 150
meters of male and female snowman with a cub.

It is reported that at first the mysterious creatures stood at a distance and with
surprised to see the president and his group, and then quickly
hid among the trees. However, after a few minutes
the cryptids reappeared from the forest as if they were too intrigued
the appearance of people to run like this, not satisfying their
curiosity. They were covered with thick grayish fur and made
giant steps. The height of the male was at least two and a half.
meters Western journalists even write that Prime Minister Dmitry
Medvedev, known for his love of photography and present
on that trip, personally captured the bigfoot on a pair of shots.

Before It’s News representatives suggest that
Vladimir Vladimirovich probably attended to the protection of snow people in
Russian Federation. Putin is widely known for his work on
protect wildlife, including tigers, leopards and white
bears Media employees write that if now the head of the Russian
states took under his wing and the yeti, then this will be one of
his main achievements in the field of assistance to nature.

Of course, this news should be taken with a fair share
skepticism, however if you believe in sasquoche, then perhaps she
You will not seem so implausible. Well, if you are by nature
Thomas is an unbeliever, then of course – to see Bigfoot and even
allegedly by the president himself … Indeed, no gate,
more, why Dmitry Medvedev did not upload pictures anywhere on the Internet
about meeting the yeti: it doesn’t look like him …

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