Putin spoke about the critical importanceartificial intelligence

The fate of human civilization depends on
artificial intelligence, убежден Владимир Путин. Chapter
Russian state spoke at the forum “Projector”, where
stated that decisive political, economic and technological
in the future, the country that succeeds in becoming
owner of the most advanced AI technologies. According to the president,
Russia already needs to start working in this area with
redoubled energy.

The words of Vladimir Vladimirovich have caused an unprecedented stir
domestic from foreign journalists. First, Putin
speaks about artificial intelligence for the first time. And secondly,
the ruler of the Russian Federation does not hide the fact that the actual “lord of the world”
soon the state will be able to create the most
�“Smart” cars, not the most deadly weapon. Wherein
the president expresses the hope that such a monopoly will be in
kind hands, implying, apparently, our power.

Vladimir Vladimirovich called on domestic specialists
quickly begin advanced developments in the field of artificial
intelligence to Russia did not lag behind the West, and even better,
ahead of him. Putin considered the most promising direction
cognitive science that allows you to create neurocomputer interfaces
and analyze the activity of the human brain. According to the words
politics, prospects in this scientific field have no boundaries. Chapter
states also noted that with great opportunities come and
big threats to which humanity must be prepared.

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