Putin’s coming and Russia’s greatness were predictedthousands of years ago

We invite you to watch an interview with Sheikh Imran Hussein,
who claims that Putin’s arrival, like the current greatness
Russia, including today’s events in Syria, were predicted
thousands of years ago, и все это можно прочитать в Коране.

Sheikh Imran Hussein – is the most popular Islamic
philosopher, real scientist, independent of orthodox dogmas
modern western science. He is also called the author of many
truly remarkable works on Islamic eschatology, world
economics, politics, the author who considers modern
socio-economic and political problems in a completely different
vein than biased and dependent on their masters
Western scholars.

Imran Hussein is a Sunni, with one of the most respected leaders.
Islamists of the modern world, having millions of followers in
Arab countries and North American countries.

Remarkably, but in all its lectures and public speaking
Hussein speaks positively of great Russia, and its present
leader Vladimir Putin is considered a man far from accidental, but
posed by the highest forces in order to destroy the devil’s power
of the western world. Not by chance, emphasizes the sheikh, leaders of the West
countries so turned against Russia and Putin. However, they do not break this
Power, but China, which has risen from
again, thanks to Russia.

However, see the interview with Sheikh Imran Hussein, very
relevant in today’s difficult times, and draw conclusions about
what is the critical situation around Syria today, why
it arose and what consequences may have for the West and in general
for the whole world.

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